Thursday, 9 February 2012

Avoid buying tickets from Scalpers or Brokers

Ticket resellers choose several methods to secure premium as well as previously sold-out ticket in large number for different events. They try mostly for events such as concerts, sports, music shows, etc. Most of the resellers do this job inside the vast connections of ticket contacts. They contact with season ticket holders, brokers, individual contacts and through it they make profit like Euroteam ticket scam incidence. Acquiring tickets by special presales is happened most of the time and many people are into trouble because of it. Therefore to avoid these problems presales mostly use distinctive barcodes.
Outside of these events, brokers work to make profit by bluffing people and fans who want to go for the event. They buy unsold tickets from broker’s office in advance. After that they show people that there are no tickets available. Unfortunately, people need to buy tickets for high prices from this ticket scalper as they want to go for the event. By all these cheap strategies scalpers cheat the people and make more profit by reselling these tickets. There are many scalpers who work regularly at particular events and venues. Even they have a pool of loyal buyers and fans who buy tickets regularly from them.
There are many scam artists that sometimes travels city to city to sell fake tickets to unsuspicious buyers for whatever they can get after selling the tickets. For popular events Euroteamtickets and other superior tickets are bar-coded and these tickets get scanned at the venue gate at the time of entry. Sometimes there are possibilities that scalpers may sell you the tickets that are scanned already because at the venue gate tickets are scanned once only.
       Nowadays scalpers or brokers are taking help of the internet. Some of them host their own websites and contact directly with their customers. Theses brokers are often provide some additional benefits to their customers like airfare or accommodation facilities to attract the people. But people should aware while choosing these at lower prices. It can be scam and you may suffer loss. You can choose Euroteamtickets in order to be at safer side and not to get cheated by these scalpers or brokers. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reselling and Buying Summer Olympic 2012 Tickets online

Opportunity :Resale of tickets  for Summer Olympics in 2012.

If you are no longer able to use the Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic Games tickets you have purchased you can send your tickets for resale from Tuesday, January 17, 2012 and 18:00 on 3 February 2012 to Summer Olympic Committee.

You will be able to select all or some of the parts in your own ticket for resale.
Once you have submitted your selection of tickets for resale, the entries are void and will be withdrawn from your account. Next, we will refund the face value of tickets submitted.
Please note, if you are interested in purchasing tickets for resale filed by the owners of another ticket, you will be able to do this since the spring of 2012. For more information about the ticketing process please read How to buy tickets online

Please read the following information on how to send your tickets for resale.

Your Summer Olympic account

Log into your account to check your tickets confirmed.

When deciding which session (s) to select for resale, please note:

You can only select sessions that tickets bought before January 6, 2012.
You will be able to resell tickets purchased before January 06, in spring 2012.
You can only select one session at a time.

Each session has acquired, and the sessions at any place that has acquired various price categories for that session will be displayed separately.

If you have purchased the Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic entries are listed separately.
You can select sessions by right clicking on the resale application. If the session is not available for sale since it was acquired after January 6, 2012, is shown as not currently eligible for resale.

Select and send your entries

To send your tickets for resale must agree to the terms and conditions of the resale of tickets. It is important to read and accept these before continuing.

You will be able to select the types of tickets for resale. However, please note the following:

You can not resale ticket given for passage of a young person without a total price of tickets, the headspace or the full price of wheelchairs.

A companion ticket wheelchair is valid only with a wheelchair ticket accompanying space.
Ticketcare ticket is valid only with a companion ticket. This can be a full price ticket for elderly or young, but not a wheelchair ticket space.
Ticketcare partner or wheelchair space and the Organizing Group tickets have no value. If you have these tickets for the ticket reseller program, you will not receive any money back if they are resold.
Organizing Group tickets are only entitled to a minimum of 20 tickets per session Paralympic Games. If you stay less than the minimum number after submitting the tickets for resale, you are no longer entitled to the organizing group tickets. This also applies to tickets fall below 30, 40 and 50 per session, in line with the eligibility rules for group ticket organizer.
Please confirm and make sure you are clear with your request, all tickets will be canceled and deleted from your account once you press Send / Submit.


You will receive a confirmation email with our advice:

The bills were presented for resale.
How much and when will be refunded.
Please check this carefully. If you have submitted entries incorrectly or no longer wish to resell, you will need to contact the London Summer Olympic 2012 team of customer service or call 0844 847 2012 as soon as possible.

Please note, if you send all the bills on your account for resale will be refunded the delivery charges. If there are tickets remaining in your account to be delivered to you in the summer of 2012 and will not be reimbursed their costs of delivery.

What if you bought your tickets summer Olympics or Paralympics using the paper application form

Resale of tickets is available only online. If you want to send your tickets for resale, but you do not have Internet access, you may be able to use the Internet service at your local library or an internet cafe or public Internet service. To ensure that you can select your tickets for resale to follow these steps:

If not already done so, create an online account to enter personal data identical to those introduced in the paper application form.
Then contact the London Summer Olympic 2012 customer service team 0844 847 2012 to activate your account.
Once complete please read the instructions above.
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